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Roof Attic Constructrion

At some point in every homeowner’s life a desperate cry arises from the depths of the heart, if only we had more space. The expansion of the family, the build-up of household items and tools or simply the need for a home office or studio means your existing home may no longer be adequate. But for many people the thought of adding another room or an extension to the house is just too complicated and expensive.

But there is another alternative — an attic conversion. Many Australian homes have large amounts of unused space in the roof cavity. This area may be perfect for an attic conversion. The most common roof structure in Australia will involve a truss system or rafters and will contain some electrical wiring, maybe some ducting and pipes and your ceiling insulation. The rest is dead space. And there’s a good chance that you can turn that space into an attractive storage area, a loft studio/ office or additional bedroom or living space.

Here at Coastal Building&Extensions, we are the most knowledgeable team that can transform spaces! Our roof attic construction projects are highly regarded. Contact us today or browse our contemporary website for more insight on our attic solutions.

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A Roof Conversion In Progress

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