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Garage Conversions

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Nowadays, if you drive through a housing estate, you’ll probably notice that many double garages have a car on one side and kids’ bikes, storage containers, even a kayak, or even a desk or home studio space on the other. Our storage space and some of our living spaces have, out of necessity, overflowed into the garage as a result of the declining size of housing blocks during the past ten years. A garage may be a useful, practical area if it is organised properly; but, if it is disorganised and haphazard, it can become a nightmare.

A garage renovation improves the functionality, safety, or aesthetics of an existing garage. The renovated space is intended to remain working as a place to house your car and stash your bikes, scooters, and unused gym equipment.

We ensure that all our clients benefit from the expertise of our highly qualified team who work together with reliable sub trades. Whether you want to build a carport, garage or an additional somewhere to house the “Man Toys”, Coastal Building & Extensions can help you achieve your vision.

If you are seeking state of the art garage renovations and rebuilds, seek no further and speak with our industry leading team here at Coastal Building & Extensions. We aim to ensure that all your needs are looked after and go above and beyond for each of our client’s projects.

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